Call for proposed presentations/abstracts/panels

Key topics of MEI 2018 include, but are not limited to:


·         Augmented and Virtual Reality enhanced education and practice

·         Educational Theories and contemporary medical education practice

·         Technological Standards & specifications for medical education

·         Scenario Based Learning and Virtual Patients

·         Evolving Pedagogies and Medical Curricula transformations

·         Web2.0 and Social Media in Medical Education – Medicine 2.0

·         Semantic Technologies and Web3.0 in Medical Education – Medicine 3.0

·         Artificial Intelligence in Health Education

·         Open Health Informatics

·         Open Linked Data for Health Education

·         Open Education in the Life Sciences

·         Collaborative learning and linked learning for Medicine

·         Mobile learning, Pervasive learning & Ubiquitous Computing

·         Game-based learning, Serious games and Virtual Reality in Medicine

·         Competencies & e-portfolios for students and health professionals

·         Simulation and Modelling in Medical Education

·         Ethics, Intellectual Property Rights and Creative Commons

·         Data protection policy and regulations


Academics, scientists, clinicians, nurses and healthcare practitioners, engineers, computer scientists, researchers, psychologists and managers involved in medical/health education and patient education, as well as, undergraduate and post-graduate medical students are encouraged to submit and present their work in short oral or poster presentations, or to be included in any of the organised thematic panels and workshops.


More specifically, thematic panels and workshops are scheduled for the following areas/topics

·         Patient engagement, empowerment and education

·         Co-creation/co-design for elderly healthcare

·         Clinical entrepreneurship and start ups

·         Open data repositories and sharing

·         Small Re-usable Learning objects (sRLOs)

·         Learning at work / Mental health in the workplace

·         Virtual/augmented reality session and demos


Those interested in participating in the above or proposing a new area/topic for a thematic panel/workshop/symposium should send an email to the organisers

and be prepared to write an abstract up-to a max of 250 words.


All proposals and abstracts may be submitted through email to


All abstracts will be published in a booklet edition with ISBN number and will also be available online.


All abstract authors and conference presenters will be invited to prepare and submit their papers for inclusion in a special issue in the Health Informatics Journal (Sage Publications, Impact Factor=3.021;, organised by the conference chair after MEI2018.