Presenter Instructions

Oral presentations

All oral presentations should be conducted in English, and last for no longer than 10-15 minutes.

It is at the session chairs discretion whether questions will be addressed at the end of each paper, or at the end of each session in a summary discussion.

Please ensure that your presentation is saved in either a PDF or *.ppt / *.pptx format. The conference suite is equipped with audio-visual equipment. Please ensure that you slide text and images will be legible on a projection device.

Please ensure to bring your presentation on a portable media USB flash drive device.


Poster presentations

All Posters should be printed and be available to be placed on the conference poster-boards on both days.

Maximum poster dimensions: A0 sized, or x2 A1, or x4 A2 etc. in portrait orientation.

You are free to decide upon the print medium.

Please ensure that you text and images are legible at your desired printing size.

Conference staff will be available to assist you and provide you with the necessary material for poster hanging etc.