The full programme for MEI 2018 is now available (you can check it out or download from bottom of this page). Please, feel free to share and circulate the programme to any colleagues who may be interested or relevant networks.

With an exciting line up of keynote speakers, and presenters from leading universities and research communities around the world, the 2018 MEI Conference is a place for leading researchers and experts to expose their views on key issues in the Medical Education Informatics field.



Last minute programme changes:

  1. Keynote speech “Can we improve the health of a city with immersive technologies?” of Prof. Mark Mon-Williams, from the University of Leeds, UK will take place on Thursday, 6th of September 2018, 12:30-13.00. Invited speaker David Topps from the University of Calgary, Canada will replace him on Friday, 7th of September 2018, 14:00-14:30
  2. Tamsin Treasure-Jones from the Leeds Institute of Medical Education, University of Leeds is co-organiser of the Workshop on "Re-thinking literature search in the information rich health care system: Exploring and designing appropriate practices for healthcare professionals", on Friday 7th of Sep 11:40-13:00
  3. Symposium on "An ambient and organic leaning approach to support nursing education in a global environment": S. Hatzipanagos and K. Spilsbury are excused; Stathis Konstantinidis from the University of Nottingham will be presenting.